World Humanitarian Day 2018 #NotATarget

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A message to the world’s leaders

Conflict around the world is unleashing relentless horror and suffering for millions of civilian women, girls, men and boys.
Civilians in conflict zones are also subject to horrific violations of human rights, including rape and other sexual violence.

Conflicts continue to force millions of people to flee their homes for an uncertain future.

Millions are uprooted by war, violence and persecution.
Countless others go missing.

But respect for international humanitarian and human rights law can reduce conflict.

Governments, civil society and others are stepping up to advocate for change.

Do not allow political differences to prevent or undermine action to protect civilians.

This is vital not only to save lives and safeguard our common humanity.

Protecting civilians in conflict is also the only way to lay the foundations for sustained peace.

This Living Petition, represents the world uniting to demand the protection of civilians caught up in conflict around the world through the #NotATarget movement.

We urge you to do everything in your power.

Citizens of the World

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