Monica And David (Documentary) – Down Syndrome

Explores the marriage of a young couple with Down syndrome, and the family who strives to support their needs.

The documentary begins with Monica and David talking to each other via the phone a few days before the wedding. They are shown to be eager to wed and live together with Monica’s mother Maria Elena and her stepfather Bob. Their wedding is large and beautiful, and the couple exchanges vows before retiring to their honeymoon suite. Afterwards they leave on their honeymoon, where they are accompanied by Monica’s parents. As the documentary progresses Codina shows viewers the couple’s large support network, which includes people with and without Down syndrome. It also highlights that while Monica and David are both aware that they have some differences from other people, they view themselves as the same as someone without Downs. Later in the documentary Codina records the couple’s move to Hollywood Beach, Florida, as Bob is retiring. The move is initially largely uneventful, although Monica does take some time to adapt. During the footage shot while the move is progressing, we learn that David has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and requires several shots a day to keep his insulin levels under control. Monica details the changes in David’s life, which involves a healthier diet as she does not want him to fall into a coma or require hospitalization, which is how the diagnosis was discovered. As the family becomes settled in their new home, David expresses his desire to find work and become more independent. This prompts Maria Elena to reflect on her own protectiveness of Monica and David, as she knows that while she wants to protect them from the world that being overly protective will not benefit them in the long run, especially after she and Bob die. The documentary ends with Monica and David happily celebrating their one year anniversary at a local restaurant while the wait staff serenade the two and clap.

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